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My design ethos is to not only be strategic, flexible, collaborative, and resilient, but to also be a generalist. Throughout my career, I've been thrown into fast-paced startup environments where it was necessary to optimize my impact and I've been given the opportunity to step in on branding, marketing, product design, and research. Because of my experience, I continually expand and hone my skill set. I believe it's important to be able to figure it out and pull it off.

Something I learned about myself throughout this is that I enjoy this ambiguity in my roles. The ambiguity has taught me to be resourceful, scrappy, and willing to experiment. I also often my find myself energized when the task at hand is to create something out of nothing. And due to my generalist nature, I'm able explore and apply an assortment of skills to get to a viable solution pretty independently.


More detail about my career can be found in resume below:

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