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Hi, I'm Grace!

Thanks for stopping by! I am a multi-disciplinary designer based in New York City and Los Angeles with experience in UI/UX product design, visual/graphic design, illustration, and art direction. Throughout my career, I've been lucky enough to have opportunities in various industries that allowed me to explore creatively and learn new skills. 

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Regal | Q2.2023 - Q4.2023

Conversation Intelligence product tailor-made for B2C sales teams.


Regal | Q4.2022 - Q1.2023

Agents can make phone calls, SMS, and now emails from a unified platform.

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Regal | Q2.2023 - Q3.2023

Enables businesses to build an audience to target, surpress, etc without code. 

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Regal | Q4.2021 - Q1.2022

Orchestrate and automate cross-channel and personalized outreach. 

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Visual Design | Q4.2021

Created original artwork and typography for R29 articles and branded partnerships.


UI/UX Design | Q3.2020

Create a search & discover experience on the Handy Customer App.

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